Neolithic Studies 5


Yamei Hou

New observations on Paleolithic in China reflected by three sites

Xingcan Chen

Searching for the Early Neolithic in China

Zhao Chaohong

New achievements in the study on the transitional period from the Palaeolithic to the Neolithic in China

Claude Bjork

A comparative outline of the Early Neolithic cultures in China and in the Near East

Jak Yakar

The socio-economic structure of Prehistoric communities in the Southern Levant, ca. 13.000-8.000 BP

Manfred Heun, Basilio Borghi, Francesco Salamini

Einkorn wheat domestication site mapped by DNA fingerprinting

Ian Hodder

Catalhoyuk, Turkey: a summary of some recent results

Vassil Nikolov

The Circumpontic cultural zone during the 6th millennium BC

Tatiana Stefanova

On the problem of the Anatolian-Balkan relations during the Early Neolithic in Thrace

Lolita Nikolova

Neolithic sequence: the upper Stryama valley in western Thrace (with an appendix: radiocarbon dating of the Balkan Neolithic)

Alasdair Whittle

Fish, faces and fingers: presences and symbolic identities in the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in the Carpathian basin

Nandor Kalicz et al.

The northern periphery of the Early Neolithic Starcevo culture in south-western Hungary: a case study of an excavation at Lake Balaton

Detlef Gronenborg

Altestbandkeramische Kultur, La Hoguette, Limburg, and ... What else? - Contemplating the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in southern Central Europe

Rick J. Schulting

Slighting the sea: stable isotope evidence for the transition to farming in northwestern Europe

Mihael Budja

Clay tokens - accounting before writing in Eurasia

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