Documenta Praehistorica XXXV, 2008

Neolithic Studies 15


Bernhard Weninger, Rick Schulting, Marcel Bradtmöller, Lee Clare, Mark Collard, Kevan Edinborough, Johanna Hilpert, Olaf Jöris, Marcel Niekus, Eelco J. Rohling, Bernd Wagner

The catastrophic final flooding of Doggerland by the Storegga Slide tsunami


Pál Sümegi, Sándor Gulyás, Gergő Persaits

Holocene paleoclimatic and paleohydrological changesin the Sárrét basin, NW Hungary


Pál Sümegi, Sándor Gulyás, Gusztáv Jakab

Holocene paleoclimatic and paleohydrological changes in Lake Balaton as inferred from a complex quantitative environmental historical study of a lacustrine sequence of the Szigliget embayment


Mihael Budja, Dimitrij Mlekuž

Settlements, landscape and palaeoclimate dynamics on the Ižica floodplain of the Ljubljana Marshes


Fiorenza Pompei, Fulvio Cruciani, Rosaria Scozzari, Andrea Novelletto

Phylogeography of Y chromosomal haplogroups as reporters of Neolithic and post-Neolithic population processes in the Mediterranean area


Lee Clare, Eelco J. Rohling, Bernhard Weninger, Johanna Hilpert

Warfare in Late Neolithic\Early Chalcolithic Pisidia, southwestern Turkey. Climate induced social unrest in the late 7th millennium calBC


Arkadiusz Marciniak

Communities, households and animals. Convergent developments in Central Anatolian and Central European Neolithic


Maria Gurova

Towards an understanding of Early Neolithic populations: a flint perspective from Bulgaria


Izabel Devriendt

Becoming Neolithic. The Mesolithic-Neolithic transition and its impact on the flint and stone industry at Swifterbant (the Netherlands)


Roland de Beauclair

Funerary rites in a Neolithic nomad community in Southeastern Arabia: the case of al-Buhais 18


Mike Parker Pearson, Joshua Pollard, Colin Richards, Julian Thomas, Chris Tilley and Kate Welham

The Stonehenge Riverside Project: exploring the Neolithic landscape of Stonehenge


Dragos Gheorghiu

Cultural landscapes in the lower Danube area. Experimenting tell settlements


Robin Skeates

Embodiment and visual reproduction in the Neolithic: the case of stamped symbols


Goce Naumov

Imprints of the Neolithic mind – clay stamps from the Republic of Macedonia


Takamune Kawashima

Feasting and inter-village networks


Irina Zhushchikhovskaya, Olga Danilova

Spiral patterns on the Neolithic pottery of East Asia and the Far East


Simona Petru

Colour, form, animals and deception in the ice age


Dimitrij Mlekuž, Mihael Budja, Robert Payton, Clive Bonsall, Andreja Žibrat Gašparič

Reassessing the Mesolithic\Neolithic ‘gap’ in Southeast European cave sequences


Lucija Šoberl, Andreja Žibrat Gašparič, Mihael Budja and Richard P. Evershed

Early herding practices revealed through organic residue analysis of pottery from the early Neolithic rock shelter of Mala Triglavca, Slovenia


Dušan Borić, Charles French, Vesna Dimitrijević

Vlasac revisited: formation processes, stratigraphy and dating


Borislav Jovanović

Micro-regions of the Lepenski Vir culture: Padina in the Upper Gorge and Hajdučka Vodenica in the Lower Gorge of the Danube


Sabin Adrian Luca, Dragoş Diaconescu and Cosmin Ioan Suciu

Archaeological research in Miercurea Sibiului – Petris¸ (Sibiu County, Romania): the Starčevo-Cris¸ level during 1997–2005 (a preliminary report)


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