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She has graduated from archaeology in 1995 and in 2002 got a doctorate in archaeology at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts (Department of Archaeology). In 2001 she also got a diploma in opera singing from the Opera School at the Academy of Music at the University of Ljubljana. In 1994 she studied for a short while at the University of Durham, UK, specializing in medieval and postmedieval archaeology. In 1996 she was awarded the Prešeren Students’ Prize by the University of Ljubljana for her graduation thesis. In 2004 she won an award by the local community of Podbočje in recognition of her research into the Stari Grad above Podbočje archaeological site. Her main research interests lie in the field of medieval and postmedieval archaeology, particularly the archaeological investigation of medieval castles and small finds, as well as in the field of archaeological theory. From 1998 onwards she has been employed by the University of Ljubljana's Faculty of Arts and has been teaching the archaeology of medieval and postmedieval periods since 2002.

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