Level: 1

Lectures: 15

Seminars: 15

Tutorials: 0

ECTS točke: 3

Lecturer: izr. prof. dr. Strahovnik Vojko


Presuppositions for the origin of metaphysics and the metaphysical. The problematics of the separating principle, i.e. the chorism. The illusiveness and polysemy of the concept of metaphysics. Onto-theological essence of metaphysics. The relationship between ontology and metaphysics. Crucial answers to the question of being within ontology for metaphysics rather than vice versa. The “this-sidedness” of ontology, being as a phenomenon rather than as hypothesis. The “other-sidedness” of metaphysics: the hypothesis of the supersensible, super-experiential, eternal etc. metaphysics as an inclination of reason. Metaphysics as method and as an independent field of research: God, soul, world.
The relationship between “the first philosophy” and theodicy. Metaphysics in the age of modern systems. Unresolved split and cleavage between the soul and the body. Metaphysical theory of the substance. Methodological aspects of metaphysics. Metaphysics and dialectics. Dilemmas, controversies and various evaluations of the relationship. Metaphysics and alienation. The critique of metaphysics in German idealism. Presuppositions and starting points of such criticism. The idea of the end of philosophy, the starting points of such reflections and their bearings on contemporary philosophy.