Contemporary Metaphysics

Contemporary Metaphysics

Lectures: 30

Seminars: 30

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ECTS točke: 5

Lecturer: izr. prof. dr. Strahovnik Vojko


Metaphysics as the unique manner of questioning entities, which is not satisfied with that which is. Difference between modern and postmodern metaphysics and utopia. Difference between after-metaphysical and postmetaphysical thought. Critique of metaphysics in the 19th-century philosophy. The idea of the “death” of God. The idea of the eternal recurrence of the same. Temporalization of entities, conception of cyclic and linear development in view of the notion of progress. The idea of immortality, the advancement of nihilism, the sanctity of death, the sanctity of life. Loss of several traditional philosophical fields of research – the relevance of philosophical anthropology, the human being as “animal metaphysicum”. Contemporary criticism of metaphysics in the 20th-century philosophies and the present relevance of metaphysics. Attempt at the rehabilitation of metaphysics in contemporary philosophy on the basis of the critique of traditional metaphysics. Positive metaphysics, negative metaphysics, deductive metaphysics, inductive metaphysics, decanted metaphysics. Solidarity with metaphysics in the moment of its destruction.