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Neolitski seminarji

In the last decades we have organized a series of international Neolithic Seminars with the aim to initiate a more lively discussion in prehistoric studies and to develop the programme of a more balanced exchange of research data on Mesolithic and Neolithic in Eurasia. All the Neolithic Seminar proceedings are available in periodical Documenta Praehistorica. Ljubljana University is recognized as a locus eventi, and the Neolithic Seminars as a hub for many links and interests that connect the people and institutions involved.

Past seminars

  • 26th Neolithic Seminar: Eurasian Neolithics: How Cultures and Societies Evolve and Why It Matters
  • 25th Neolithic Seminar: Evolution and Cultural Changes in Prehistory
  • 24rd Neolithic Seminar: Neolithisation Processes in Eurasia : Retrospect and Prospect
  • 23rd Neolithic Seminar: From Chronos to Chronologies. Radiocarbon Dating and Chronological Modelling of the Neolithic and Chalcolithic Temporality in Eurasia
  • 22nd Neolithic Seminar: Modelling the Processes of Neolithisation
  • 21st Neolithic Seminar: Pottery and food: dietary practices in prehistory
  • 20th Neolithic Seminar: Changing Paradigms for Interpreting the Transition to Neolithic in Eurasia
  • 19th Neolithic Seminar: Changing Paradigms: Interdisciplinary Studies of Eurasian Prehistory
  • 18th Neolithic Seminar: Cultural and Social Identities in Eurasian Mesolithic and Neolithic
  • 17th Neolithic Seminar: Eurasian Neolithics: Perspectives from Culture, Population and Climate
  • 16th Neolithic Seminar: Bodies, Rituals and Religions in Eurasian Early Prehistory
  • 15th Neolithic Seminar: Climate Anomalies, Population and Culture Dynamics in Prehistory
  • 14th Neolithic Seminar: The Neolithic Mind, Populations and Landscapes
  • 13th Neolithic Seminar: The Mesolithic and the Neolithic Cultural and Populational Trajectories in Eurasia
  • 12th Neolithic Seminar: Prehistoric Gene Flow and Cognitive (r)Evolution: Inferences on the Neolithisation of Eurasia
  • 11th Neolithic Seminar: Symbols and Symbolism
  • 10th Neolithic Seminar: The Neolithization of Eurasia - Paradigms, Models and Concepts Involved
  • 9th Neolithic Seminar: The Neolithization of Eurasia - Reflections in Archaeology and Archaeogenetics
  • 8th Neolithic Seminar: The Neolithization of Eurasia - Perspectives from Pottery
  • 7th Neolithic Seminar: The Processes of Neolithisation in Eurasia
  • 6th Neolithic Seminar: The transition to farming and long-distance connections in Eurasia
  • 5th Neolithic Seminar: The Neolithization of Europe and Asia: Regional approaches
  • 4th Neolithic Seminar: The Neolithization of Europe: Regional approaches
  • 3rd Neolithic Seminar: The Neolithization of Europe: Regional Approaches
  • 2nd Neolithic Seminar: The Transition to Farming in South East Europe and Anatolia
  • 1st Neolithic Seminar: The Neolithization of Caput Adriae Region