Older Men Learning in the Community:

Older Men Learning in the Community:

Urednik: Marko Radovan, Sabina Jelenc Krašovec
Older Men Learning in the Community: European Snapshots focuses on the informal learning of older men - that is, men aged 60 or older – engaged in informal learning pursuits in their local communities. Its goal is to improve the state of knowledge about learning programmes at a community level that either targeted older men in an exclusive manner or that were popular with older men. The chapters in this publication provide an opportunity to academics from partnership bodies, as well as students enrolled in diverse graduate programmes ranging from adult education to dementia studies, to conduct comparative research on older men’s learning, and contribute a space to organise workshops structured according to the key foundations of this emergent field of study.

Leto izida: 2014

Št. strani: 115

Tip vezave: Mehka vezava

ISBN: 9789612376420

Redna cena: 8,90 EUR
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